Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't be afraid of failure

          When you are about to step out of your comfort zone a question pops in your head: “What if I fail?”
          This question has kept many capable people from achieving their dreams. They were afraid whether if they will fail or not, they were asking themselves what their friends will think about them if they will fail, what their family will say if they would not succeed, or at least don’t succeed apparently.
          I don’t know why, but many people think that failing at something is a crime which must be punished.
          But is not like that. Failing is absolutely normal if you want to learn something new. Most of the times when you will try out something new you will fail and failing you will become more and more experienced. Failing is a step in the learning process! If you like to develop your skills in something like doing business don’t be afraid to fail: if you are afraid to fail, you are keeping yourself from learning.
          Just take this example: when you were a baby and learnt to walk, wouldn’t you fall down? But what if, after falling the first time, you wouldn’t try to walk again, or if you will never want to learn to walk because you were afraid of falling down. Or when you learnt to ride the bicycle, didn’t you fell down over and over again until you learnt how to ride it properly?
          The same principle is applied in personal development. If you are afraid of failing, you won’t get anywhere at all.
Failing is a natural step of the learning process. So, there is no question like “What if I fail”: you will fail. Is the natural process to becoming successful.
          If you want to read more about learning from failing and being successful in business, read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Is an excellent book about his life is business. Check it out here:

Monday, November 26, 2012

What can be harder than becoming successful?

To become a successful person is a pretty hard thing. But there is another thing even harder than this: remaining a successful person.

After you became a successful person, only than the real battle begins. As I said in a previous post, being a successful person you are put in an influent position and many people will be watching you. Some of them will be eager to spot your weaknesses and rise a big smoke about them and try to dig your pit (paparazzi are a great example). Protecting from those kind of people is one of the keys in remaining successful.

What you have to do to protect you from such people?

     1.Stay out of the limelight
This in one of the things you must stay away from. Once you are there, you are an easy prey for those who want to hunt you down. I'm not saying you should go to business TV shows or such things, but I'm saying that you should stay away from those kind of TV shows that will make you look like an arrogant and prideish person that thinks he is better than anyone.

     2.A close friend circle
Another thing that is like gold in success: having some friends that will warn you of your mistakes and keep you aware of your deficitary domains. They would have an objective point of view on you. Having some objective opinions will make you develop yourself faster and more efficiently.

     3.Keep up the good work
You became successful by doing something good, so there is no other way to remain so but doing the same good thing you have been doing. If you were so good at investing in other people, keep on investing in other people and improve your techniques of doing that. There is no sense in quitting doing what made you successful. Also, keep a close relationship with ethics. People love to have to deal with right, well intended and honest people. If you are known as a lier no one will come to you after a while. In conclusion, I believe that this is the most important things about remaining successful.

My challenge for you is to doing your best to protect your status. If you don't want to do this, who will want?

And some announcements. As you may have seen, I haven't been posting for a while, that's because I was too busy with my school. I had my semestrial papers and had to learn a lot for them. Another thing you might have noticed is that I'm still talking about success. I will talk about this topic until I believe I saturated it and then we will move on. Have a nice evening(or day) and keep investing in yourselves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Having the Right Mindset

It all begins with a decision. Without this, your plans are doomed to failure. Just imagine that you have a high potential business plan that can make you a millionaire if just a few years. But the business plan wouldn’t make you a millionaire if you don’t develop it, it won’t work by itself. If not developed, it will be just another ordinary business plan that will stay on the shelf, it will be useless.

Before every successful man stays a right mindset. A successful man won’t bother searching for the empty or the full half of the glass, but he will drink it. This mentality is called opportunism. You look for opportunities and take them without wasting your time looking at the pros and cons of that opportunity. This is the main reason many people don’t take opportunities. If you think: everything has it’s own pros and cons, so why bother analyzing them deeply, make studies about them, and eventually, waste or loose the opportunity?

Having a positive attitude is also a must in becoming a successful person. If you just have a negative attitude you won’t be able to see the opportunities and also you will influence negatively other people having a negative attitude. This will make them go away from you. Why? They will see that they will have a negative attitude (especially those who have a positive one), they will look out to see what drags them down (this may be you) and then they will stay away from you because you influence them negatively.

On the other hand, having a positive attitude will influence others positively and will attract people to you: they will want to spend time with you because you make them to have a positive attitude and feel better about life.

“Having a positive attitude attracts people.”

It is so easy to influence negatively and is so hard to influence positively. Here comes the part where you have to be also a powerful person. You need to be like this in order to influence other people positively and not be influenced negatively. This takes some time and you need to invest in yourself in order to become like that. But the hard part is not to become a powerful person, but to maintain this. We will talk about being an influent and powerful person with another occasion, maybe tomorrow.

What I challenge you to do is to change your way of thinking. This will be hard, but it will worth in the end. Others will see the change and even you will be impressed by yourself thinking and behaving in that way.

Now I would like to share with you a speech of john Maxwell about how successful people know their purpose in life.
Here is the first part:

And here is the second part:

One more thing! I want to share with you another blog that I found about personal development. Check it out, is very good:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Becoming a Scuccessful Person

How can I achieve success anyway, you may ask. I believe that success is not a matter of doing, but a matter of  being. That’s right! If you want to be a person of success, first you have to be a person of value.

Being a person of success means influencing a certain number of people. That’s why is important to be a person of value: you can influence them positively or negatively.

But how you can become a person of value? I believe that here is the hard work. There are a few things you can do about it:
     1.     Spend time with persons you consider that they are persons of value
One of the most important thing in succeeding in life is your entourage. If your entourage drags you down guess where you will be going? That’s why is important to spend more time with people that pull you up, not drags you down.
     2.Read some good books
Reading books is a very popular (and very old) way of developing yourselves. Just grab some good books from famous writers. I suggest you to grab a book or two (if not all of them) from John Maxwell. He is a great motivational, self-development and leadership speaker. If you are interesting in business try Robert Kiyosaki. He has an revolutionary approach to business.
     3.     Think big
Thinking big can save you from mediocrity. People are mediocre because they don’t thing big (and, sadly, some don’t think at all). They would just think about their job, even cursing their bossed. They don’t think outside of their box. You may want to do this because it can save you from mediocrity. Don’t be afraid to even dream a little bit.
     4.     Invest in others
The best way to invest in yourself is to invest in others. The best way to add value to yourself is to add value to other people. What would have happened if guys like John Maxwell wouldn’t share with others what he had learned? They wouldn’t add value to us and they wouldn’t add value to themselves. Just think that a guy you added value to goes to his friends and tell them that you changed his way of thinking. Wouldn’t that add value to yourself. Now not only the guy, but also his friends know about you and they may ask you for some kind of advice and tell about you further to their families and their friends and so on. And now you get renowned. I believe that this is the most important: to add value to others. This is exactly what I am doing with this blog.

I hope that this helped you in changing your way of thinking.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is Success for Everybody?

This is definitely one of the most asked question around the world: is success for everybody? 

Some people say it is not. Success is only for the chosen ones and nobody else. But this is actually true?

Certainly not! I believe that those people who say this thing are the ones who don’t want the success to be theirs. That’s right: they prefer to stay in their comfort zone and blame the “fate” for their lack of success in life and like to feel sorry for themselves.

We were created with an enormous potential. That’s the good part. The bad part is that we don’t develop it and we don’t materialize it. We could be far further in file if we would think and act at our full potential. What am I trying to say with this: I want to say that success is in every one of us. Success doesn’t chose us, but we chose the success
You may think that this is only my opinion and that’s what I thought also, but I was surprised when I heard famous speakers like John Maxwell and Paul Martinelli having the same opinion with me.

I hope that this helped you to look in yourself and dig out the success and the potential that has been given to you.

Here is another bloger who talks about self-development:
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hello good people! I am now on the internet ready to blog. My name is Andrew, I'm 18 years old and i am a business man. Yes, I am involved in a multi-level marketing company and that makes me some kind of a business man, but that's not important. I started this blog because I wanted to share with you stuff I learned from my experience and not only.
I believe that everyone should be interested in developing himself as a better person in this society, and that's why I started this blog. I want you to learn from me and I want to learn from you and your experiences. It is said that a person who learns from his own mistakes is a smart person, a person who learns from others mistakes is even better and a person who doesn't learn neither from his mistakes nor someone else's is a mediocre person. I hope that we are not included in the last one.
So, how are we going to make this? I will chose a topic to discuss each week. That topic could be suggested as well. For this week the topic will be "Success".
Stay tuned and take care of yourselves. Peace!